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“Not only was it a joy working with you, your insights into the conference design itself, and your expertise in leading us through our group exercise, brought to life our theme of Growth & Innovation. You were the highlight of our conference!”

President, Weston Foods

Toni was a meeting planner
in a past life

Her innovative, award-winning event marketing company (Geffman Productions) designed and produced events such as product launches, retail store openings, international sales meetings and trade show booths in countries around the world.

Clients such as Microsoft, Bell Mobility, Avon, BATA, CIBC and the Toronto Star came to Toni’s team when they were looking for cutting edge events that would not only wow their audiences, but that would also accomplish their strategic objectives and provide a measurable return on investment.

So we get it.

We get how much work is involved in putting together a successful event.

That’s why this page is the one-stop shopping list for working with Toni. Everything that you might want to know and/or need to download – all in alphabetical order so that you can find what you need when you need it. (Can’t find something? Let us know. We’ll send it your way and add it to the list!)

  • A/V Requirements
  • Bios
  • Demo Video
  • Introduction
  • Ladder
  • Photos
  • Pre-Event Questionnaire
  • Keynotes Descriptions
  • Speaking Fees

A/V Requirements

Click below to download one document that covers all things technical for Toni.

Everything that you will need from us and everything that we will need from you.


Download Toni’s AV requirements


We have 3 bio options so feel free to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Option #1 – Dare 2b Different
Option #2 – In the First Person
Option #3 – The Traditional Route

The choice is yours.

Download Toni’s 3 bio options

Demo Video

Cutting-edge content. Dynamic delivery. And a touch of the unexpected.

Check out Toni’s somewhat unpredictable demo video. We promise it will be worth your while. (You might even want to share it with your friends!)

Show me the demo video


To make everyone’s life easier, Toni has an introductory video that is embedded right into the beginning of her presentation.

Having said that, a week or two prior to your event, we will send you a very short, customized introduction that someone from your organization can read at the event just before Toni launches her video.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Show me the intro video


The rumors are true!

Toni does travel with a 5’ tall, bright red step ladder – a fact that only creates challenges when it comes to ceiling heights, vehicle sizes and the hotel receptionist’s sense of humor.

We may decide to ship the ladder to the event destination in advance but rest assured, we take care of all ladder-related details. There will be no extra steps for you.

(No extra steps? Step ladder? That’s funny!)


Click below to download high resolution images of Toni that you can use in your marketing.

(We’ve provided several for you to choose from. We’re okay with whatever works best for you.)



Pre-Event Questionnaire

Well … we might have misled you with this one because we don’t actually have a pre-event questionnaire.

We strongly prefer to have a detailed briefing conversation with you. In some cases, even two. That way Toni can find out everything that she needs to know about your business so that she can tailor her presentation to accomplish your desired outcomes.

In fact, in most cases, Toni will also conduct short interviews with 4 or 5 key members of your team so that she can get a variety of perspectives and ensure that her program delivers maximum value to all participants.

Because isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?

Keynotes Descriptions

If you have already booked Toni and you are looking for a specific program description to publish in your marketing materials, please let us know. That way we can adapt our description to your group and your event.

I need a description for my event

If you haven’t booked Toni yet, head over to our OnStage page to see which of Toni’s high-value, high-energy, content rich keynotes will deliver the most value for you and your business.

Programs include…

  • Dare 2b Different: Attract, Keep and Engage More Customers More Often
  • Everyday Innovators: How Great Leaders turn Inspiration into Innovation and Ideas into Results and
  • Why? Why Not!: Because a Missed Idea is a Missed Opportunity to Make a Difference.

Want to supersize your keynote investment?

Make sure you check out innovative 21 days PLUS program – a series of post-keynote videos that will help your team turn more ideas into more results so that you can increase the return on your keynote investment.

I want to choose the best program for my event.

Speaking Fees

Yes … speaking fees.

Because we know that you want to know. And we don’t know of any reason why we shouldn’t just tell you.

So… Toni’s Keynote fees are as follows:

Canada, US, Mexico: $15,000 – $20,000 / day + travel, hotel and per diem.

Europe, Asia et al: $20,000 – $25,000 / day + travel, hotel and per diem.

See? Now you know.

Is all of this carved in stone?

No. We have been known to make exceptions based upon merit and special circumstances. And by all means, if you think that merit and/or special circumstances apply to your situation then let us know.

But do we believe in fee integrity?


And that means that you can trust that the fee we quote you is the fee we would quote anyone else.

Life is just so much simpler that way.

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