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A lawyer, a project manager and a monkey walk into a bar…

Here at the Innovation Advantage, we like to spend time getting to know people.

In fact, if we had our way, right now we’d be sitting with you in a coffee shop, having a great conversation and getting to know each other better.

But in today’s world, we realize that if we want to get to know you, first we’re going to need to tell you a little bit about us.

So, with imaginary coffee mug in hand, here it goes.

  • Toni (dare 2b different) Newman, HoF
    Founder & Professional Innovation Catalyst Toni (dare 2b different) Newman, HoF
  • J. G. (you can call me Ger) Benard
    Partner & Chief Connections Officer J. G. (you can call me Ger) Benard
  • George ...just George
    Trailblazer & Professional Courage Catalyst George ...just George

Toni (dare 2b different) Newman, HoF

Toni (dare 2b different) Newman, HoF

J. G. (you can call me Ger) Benard

J. G. (you can call me Ger) Benard

George ...just George

George ...just George

We Promise To...
help you maximize the return on your Innovation Advantage investment!

We promise to...

Do our Homework

We’ll get up to speed on your industry, strategy, customers and competition. If you’re going to invest in us, we’re going to invest in you.

We promise to...

Ask the Tough Questions

We’ll move you from where you are to where you have always believed you could be because isn’t that that’s why you hired us in the first place?

We promise to...

Dial Down the Hype

We’ll tell you right up front what you’re going to get, how much it’s going to cost and what you need to do to ensure that your investment pays off.

We promise to...

Have some Fun

We’ll do everything we can to exceed your expectations, optimize your outcomes and ensure that we have some fun in the process.

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