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Innovation doesn’t just improve
the bottom line.
It is the bottom line.

Newmanism #32

Better isn’t good enough anymore.

Newmanism #6

Improvement takes what is and makes it better.
Innovation imagines what could be
and makes it happen.

Newmanism #29

By the time the unexpected
has become the expected,
it’s already too late.

Newmanism #9

People don’t resist change.
They resist the work that comes
with change.

Newmanism #22

Try less to impress and more to
leave a lasting impression.

Newmanism #71

The only way to exceed expectations
is to do the unexpected.

Newmanism #53

What will you do to take your message
from ‘sameness’ to ‘famous’?

Newmanism #58

All art work done by Toni

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