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25 MORE Insanely Innovative Business Cards That Will Shock and Inspire You

25 MORE Insanely Innovative Business Cards That Will Shock and Inspire You

Who needs a business card, right?

After all, research shows that of the over 10 billion business cards printed each year in the US alone, a whopping 88% of those cards (maybe even your business cards…) are thrown out by the recipient within the first week.

Which is even more depressing when you realize that less than 9% of those recipients took the time to even digitalize the contact information on those cards (that would be your contact information…) before they threw them out.

All of which absolutely begs the question…

Is there is any value in having a business card anymore?

Or simply put…

Are Business Cards Dead?

Well, the answer is NO…

NO…. business cards are definitely not dead.

And YES …

YES… There is still HUGE value in having a Business Card IF that business card is an innovative experience that will not only differentiate you from your competition and remind customers ‘why you’…  but that is also so compelling folks simply won’t want to throw it away.

I know.

Easier said than done, right?

That’s why in this episode of Touchpoint Tuesday, you’ll learn 5 strategies and discover 25 MORE* insanely innovative examples that can’t help but inspire you to turn your business card into a powerful marketing tool that can help you grow your business.

In fact, some of these strategies are so simple, you could implement them right away!

*Last year, our most popular video  – Business Card Boredom – featured another 18 insanely innovative business cards. If you missed it… or simply want to see it again… you can check it out here.)

Now, I’d love to hear from you so Leave a comment below and let me know…

Feel free to share as much as you would like because the more you share, the more we learn, and the more we learn, the more we all grow.

And speaking of sharing, if you have any friends, clients or colleagues who you think could be suffering from Business Card Boredom, why not share this post and help them Imagine the Possibilities! 🤗

Until soon….

Imagine the Possibilities!

Toni Newman

6 Responses to “25 MORE Insanely Innovative Business Cards That Will Shock and Inspire You”

  1. Gerry Benard says:

    Once you wrap your head around the idea that a business card doesn’t need to be a ‘card,’ the possibilities are endless.

    • Toni Newman says:

      So true Ger. AND we also need to realize that the objective of a ‘business card’ is no longer to provide (or just to provide) contact information but rather to create an experience that will differentiate us and remind customers why they should do or continue to do business with us.) Not so much a business card as it is a business card experience. T!

  2. Mia says:

    Can’t wait to experiment when I get my business cards!

    • Toni Newman says:

      And I can’t wait to see them. 🙂

  3. Sarah Selvarengaraju says:

    Wow! I have never thought about it this way.

    • Toni Newman says:

      Cool, right? Now it’s just up to you to Imagine the Possibilities. 🙂 T!

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