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Why? Why Not!

Because a missed idea is a missed opportunity
to make a difference

Sound familiar?

Lower budgets…
Fewer resources…
Tighter timelines…
Higher expectations…

Everywhere you look, really wonderful people are being asked to do really important things with so much less than they had before.

The harsh reality is that the way things used to be done has left the building and it’s not coming back anytime soon.

But faced with so much change, how do we continue to deliver value to those we serve? Is it possible to be different in ways that actually make a difference?

Toni’s signature Why? Why Not! keynote has been delivered to thousands of participants all over the world who to this day still use Why Not! as the rallying cry for change and innovation within their own organizations. Fast-paced, entertaining, thought provoking and highly relevant to today’s challenging workplace reality, this session is about thinking outside the box when you don’t know what the box will look like tomorrow.

Is this program right for your organization?

If being asked to do more with less is starting to take its toll on your team then this program is probably a really good fit.
Because even the greatest of intentions can run dry when the demands are too high. And in many cases, all those good intentions need is a shot of Why Not!

If you think that your organization could benefit from a program that will

  • Re-energize the collective imagination of the team;
  • Inspire attendees to think differently and share ideas openly; and
  • Introduce an easy and practical framework for coming up with ideas that can actually make a difference,

then this keynote will help everyone on your team tap into their own unique source of innovative ideas. But be prepared to leave your comfort zones at the door! Why Not! is all about Imagining the possibilities!

This keynote delivers the greatest value to…

Employee groups of private, public and not-for-profit sector organizations.

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“The conference was never the same. If I heard reference to ‘why not’ once, I heard it 100 times!”

Board member, CSNM/CAFP

“Toni was quite likely the most enthusiastic, energetic, no hands barred Keynote speaker we have ever had. She was a perfect fit for our business.”

Manager, Produce Sales and Marketing,
Associated Grocers

21 days Plus

Supersize the return on your keynote investment

Supersize your investment in Toni’s Dare 2b Different keynote by adding 21 days of post-keynote, video learning delivered directly to your team’s inboxes. Videos that have been strategically crafted to

  • REMIND participants of the key learning from the Toni’s keynote.
  • inspire them to REPEAT the actions required to anchor that learning and… as a result…
  • RESET the mindsets and behaviors that will turn inspiration into innovation and ideas into results so that you can maximize the return on your keynote investment.
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