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President and Swag Strategist, Silver Star

Any topic. Anytime. Anywhere.

That’s the beauty of E-learning.

But truth be told, not all e-learning is created equal.

And when you invest in an on-line program, shouldn’t you have the right to expect a great return on that investment?

“I congratulate myself daily for making the decision to work with Toni. It was simply one of the smartest things that I did for myself and my business.”

President, Clean Slate Strategies

Whether you are looking to

  • Drive more customers, more revenue and more growth in your business
  • Supersize the return on your keynote investment or
  • Join an online community of like-minded folks who support each other on their innovation journey,

each Innovation Advantage on-line program is deliberately designed to provide maximum return on your E-learning investment.


that exceeds expectations and optimizes outcomes

E-Learning #1

9½ weeks…

to More Customers, More Revenue and More Growth


Well… don’t let the catchy title fool you.

9 ½ weeks is for serious professionals ready to do some serious work.

A comprehensive curriculum for those looking to kick off their shoes and truly master the competencies required to drive radical business growth in today’s fiercely competitive and infuriatingly commoditized marketplace.

This unique online learning opportunity teaches our complete, proven, step-by-step process (the Five ‘S’ Solution™) on how to deliberately design innovative customer experiences (or Unexpected Encounters™) that will differentiate you from your competition and significantly increase the number of customers you do business with.

More customers who generate more revenue and drive more growth in your business.

Are ready to take your business from where it is today to where you have always believed it could be?

I’m in. When can we chat? Sounds like a great fit. Tell me more!

“If you want to play it safe, Toni’s not for you. But if you have the courage to challenge yourself, your beliefs and your perspectives, then work with Toni. We did and we’re forever grateful.”

President, Chrysalis Strategies Inc.

E-Learning #2

21 days PLUS

Supersize the return on your Keynote investment

Think Beyond the Keynote.

 Has this ever happened to you?

You invest in a great Keynote Speaker who shares great content with your team.

Your team congratulates you on choosing such a fantastic speaker and assures you that they are ready to get back to work and apply everything they just learned. They’re psyched! You’re psyched!

Fast forward a few months later and well… as psyched as everyone was, the reality is that reality got in the way of everyone’s good intentions.   So where’s the return on your keynote investment?

Well, what if there was a way to think beyond the keynote? To provide your team with their own personal support system that will help turn all that learning into new behaviors while all that motivation is still bursting and bubbling inside their brains?

Would that be of value to your organization?

Sounds like a great idea. Tell me more.

“It’s the first time in all the business trainings I have done that I have seen participants actually change their behaviour and implement what they have learned. Toni nailed it!”

Regional Business Advisor,
SADC Pontiac

E-Learning #3

Influential Innovators

Think Differently. Share Ideas Openly. Take More Risks.

You’re not alone.

Innovation is hard work.  

And sometimes, we all need a little push. A little inspiration to ignite our imagination so that we can turn more ideas into more results more often.

And that’s exactly what our influential Innovators online community is all about. Creating a safe-space where like-minded mavericks, rebels and the rest of us normal folks can come together to Think Differently, Share Ideas Openly, and Take More Risks.

Think of it as a support group for innovators… with Toni and all of her know-how leading the way.

A place where not only do we share the insights and ideas that will help us drive more growth in our businesses, but where we also share the courage to explore what might be standing between where we are now and where we have always believed we could be.

I’m in. I want to join now.  Sounds like a great fit. Tell me more!

“Through your teachings and your own example, you have inspired me to find the courage to follow my own dreams.”

Master Phil Nguyen,
BlackBelt Leadership

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