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House Calls

High-Powered Innovation Strategy Sessions

Short and sweet.

We love getting our hands dirty.

I mean, we love going deep with our clients. Learning as much as we can about you so that we can take what we know and help you take the marketplace by storm.

But truth be told, sometimes clients just don’t need the whole nine yards. And that’s why Toni makes House Calls.

No – she’s not actually going to show up at your door. (Although if that’s what you have in mind, our Living Innovation Labs are definitely the way to make that happen.)

But she is literally going to call your house. (Well… maybe it will be a video call and maybe it will be your office and not your house but you get the idea.)

Book a short, high-powered, on-line innovation strategy session with Toni (hourly rates apply) and she will be fanatically focused on the questions that matter to you most. It’s like going for coffee with a really smart friend!


Is a House Call right for you?

Have a question on how to apply something you learned in one of Toni’s sessions to your business? Schedule a House Call.

Want Toni’s insights on how to approach a specific in-house innovation issue? Schedule a House Call.

Looking for Toni to do a Five ‘S’ evaluation of that latest B.I.G. idea? Schedule a House Call.

House calls are for you and about you. Anything goes. Plan in advance and have priority access to one of the best minds in the innovation business

We will even pay for the coffee (or tea…)!

House Calls deliver the greatest value to…

Dare we say anyone with a question about how to grow their business?

I’m in. I want to schedule a House Call now. Take me back to other InHouse options.

“Our 30 minutes meeting 8 years ago inspired my book, not to mention my business that has grown so much since. I thought it then and I think it now… you are a Rock Star.”

Lilliana de Leo, Founder,
Living Laughter

“I was able to use one of your exercises right away at a Board meeting. Positive outcomes? Clarity of both strategic direction and competitive differentiators!

Executive Director,
Canadian Corporate Counsel Association

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