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At your service

An external stimulus for your In-House innovation team/strategy

Innovation is not a part-time job.

Sue was exhausted.

Overworked, over-committed and more than a little overwhelmed.

What had felt like an exciting opportunity at the time – adding the leadership of her company’s in-house innovation program to her already exacting role as a Senior Director of communications – now felt like a no-win situation with too much to do and not enough Sue to go around.

Sound familiar?

As more and more organizations commit to in-house innovation initiatives, more and more staff are being asked to take on active innovation roles. Staff that may or may not have the experience and expertise required to successfully create and sustain a company wide culture of innovation – let alone the capacity to do so in addition to their already full plates.

Unfortunately, driving innovation is not a part-time job. So how can you as a leader provide your in-house innovation team with the support, expertise and tools that they need to actually get the job done?

We are At Your Service.

Is At Your Service Right for Your Organization?

Does your organization have an Innovation Committee made up of wonderful folks who are being asked to accomplish amazing things even though driving innovation is not their area of expertise?

If so, our At Your Service mentorship program is a smart and effective way of providing your in-house innovation team with the outside innovation support and expertise that they need to turn more ideas into more results more often.

The At Your Service program provides your In-House Innovation team with access to a Professional Innovation Catalyst (that would be Toni) with a proven track record who can

  • TEACH : Share knowledge and expertise
  • COACH: Provide guidance and feedback
  • INSPIRE: Spark ideas and insights and
  • SUPPORT: Maintain focus and momentum

so that you can turn innovation into more more customers, more revenue and more growth in your business.

At Your Service delivers the greatest value to…

In-House innovation teams and their leaders

(Please note that due to the highly customized, time intensive and incredibly personal nature of the At Your Service relationship, we accept a limited number of At Your Service clients per year.)

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“We were able to link the concepts we learned directly to our business needs and have already started to make important changes to how we think, work and innovate.”

Vice President Access, Janssen Inc.


“Toni doesn’t just think outside the box. She thinks outside the company that makes the boxes!”

Director of Golf and Corporate Sales,
Canadian Golf Club

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