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“Do I want our company to take the safe and expected path or do we want to be the innovative company that does things differently and gets noticed for our unique ways of solving our customers’ problems? I choose the latter. Thank you Toni.”

President, DME Direct Marketing Agency

Less Talking. More Doing.

We’re not your typical consultants.

Our only goal is to get in, teach you what we know, and then get out of your way so that you can take the marketplace by storm.

“It is clear to me that you’re doing the most significant work in your area of anyone in North America… and perhaps beyond.”

Donald Cooper, International management consultant and business speaker

Whether you are looking to

  • Design, Deliver and Profit from Customer Experience Innovation,
  • Leverage outside expertise for your in-house innovation team or
  • Book a high-powered one-on-one business innovation strategy session with Toni,

each Innovation Advantage In-House program is a deliberately designed deep dive into your business, your objectives and your results.

Please note that all of our In-House initiatives are highly customized and as such, the number of clients that we accept each year for these programs is limited.


that minimizes risk and maximizes return on your innovation investment

Consulting #1

Innovation Labs

Design, Deliver and Profit
from Customer Experience Innovation

Will you be ready?

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator. (Walker)

In fact, research shows that close to 90% of today’s companies already expect to compete on the basis of customer experience (Gartner) and that customer experience leaders can have more than a 16% advantage over their competitors (Forrester).

But here’s the question.

If customer experience is so important as a differentiator, why aren’t more companies thinking differently about customer experience?

Our Living Innovation Labs are intensive, hands-on, team programs dedicated to the strategic design of innovative customer experiences that will accomplish your unique business objectives.

Experiences that will not only differentiate you from your competition but that will also result in more customers doing more business with you more often.

And along the way, your team will master a proven process that will allow them to continue to design, deliver and profit from Customer Experience Innovation long after the Lab is done.

I’m in. When can we chat?  Sounds like a great fit. Tell me more!

“The Five ‘S’ Solution™ has driven our revenue to exceed projections by 27.9%.”

President, Silver Star Swag

Consulting #2

At Your Service

An external stimulus for your In-House innovation team/strategy

Innovation is not a part-time job.

Sue was exhausted.

Overworked, over-committed and more than a little overwhelmed.

What had felt like an exciting opportunity at the time – adding the leadership of her company’s in-house innovation program to her already exacting role as a Senior Director of communications – now felt like a no-win situation with too much to do and not enough Sue to go around.

Sound familiar?

As more and more organizations commit to in-house innovation initiatives, more and more staff are being asked to take on active innovation roles. Staff that may or may not have the experience and expertise required to successfully create and sustain a company wide culture of innovation – let alone the capacity to do so in addition to their already full plates.

Unfortunately, driving innovation is not a part-time job. So how can you as a leader provide your in-house innovation team with the support, expertise and tools that they need to actually get the job done?

We are At Your Service.

I’m in. When can we chat?  Sounds like a great fit. Tell me more!

“We were able to link the concepts we learned directly to our business needs and have already started to make important changes to how we think, work and innovate.”

Vice President Access, Janssen Inc.


Consulting #3

House Calls

Think Differently. Share Ideas Openly.
Take More Risks.

Short and sweet.

We love getting our hands dirty.

I mean, we love going deep with our clients. Learning as much as we can about you so that we can take what we know and help you take the marketplace by storm.

But truth be told, sometimes clients just don’t need the whole nine yards. And that’s why Toni makes House Calls.

No – she’s not actually going to show up at your door. (Although if that’s what you have in mind, our Living Innovation Labs are definitely the way to make that happen.)

But she is literally going to call your house. (Well… maybe it will be a video call and maybe it will be your office and not your house but you get the idea.)

Book a short, high-powered, on-line innovation strategy session with Toni (hourly rates apply) and she will be fanatically focused on the questions that matter to you most. It’s like going for coffee with a really smart friend!

I’m in. When can we chat?  Sounds like a great fit. Tell me more!


“Our 30 minutes meeting 8 years ago inspired my book, not to mention my business that has grown so much since. I thought it then and I think it now… you are a Rock Star.”

Lilliana de Leo, Founder,
Living Laughter


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