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Here at the Innovation Advantage, we are passionate about helping you grow your business. (In fact, if you haven’t checked out our First Things First page yet, now might be a good time to give it a quick read.)

“To put it mildly, the time we spent with Toni was as energizing and motivating as anything I have ever experienced in my career.  Her messaging was consistent with our objectives because she took the time to learn about our business. The impact on our management team was tremendous and our teams have responded with a strong push to not only be better than our competition, but to be better and different.”

Vice President Commercial Operations,
AmerisourceBergen Canada

And because we want you to grow your business, we don’t just talk the Dare 2b Different talk. We walk the Dare 2b Different walk.

That means making sure that we Dare 2b Different in both what we do and how we do it so that hopefully we can inspire you to Dare 2b Different too.

The what we do is simple. We teach you how to turn inspiration into innovation and ideas into results so that you can have more customers generating more revenue and driving more growth in your business. See? Simple!

As for the how, we keep that simple too because our Innovation Advantage offerings fall into three simple categories: OnStage, OnLine and InHouse.

Grow your business

3 ways we bring our expertise
to your results


Looking for a Keynote that Stands Out in the Crowd and Gets Results?

Check out how Toni can rock the house (and hopefully the boat) with our 3 highly acclaimed Innovation Advantage keynotes – proof positive that traveling the world with a bright red ladder turned out to be a big idea after all.

Keynote #1

  • Dare 2b Different: Attract, Keep and Engage More Customers More Often.

Keynote #2

  • Everyday Innovators: How great leaders turn inspiration into innovation and ideas into results.

Keynote #3

  • Why? Why Not! : Because a missed idea is a missed opportunity to make a difference.

“Toni engaged the entire team, from the most enthusiastic to the most skeptical and the ideas continue to flow months after her presentation. She is truly one of the most remarkable speakers that we have had the privilege of hearing at our annual event.”

President, CBCI Telecom

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Eager for E-learning that Exceeds Expectations and Optimizes Outcomes?

What happens when you combine compelling content and a proven process with the ease of E-learning and the power of a personal touch? Everyone from entrepreneur to enterprise gets a huge return on their OnLine investment.

E-Learning #1

  • Supersize your keynote takeaways with 21 days PLUS: The not-so-surprising secret to maximizing the return on your keynote investment.

E-Learning #2

  • Treat yourself to 9 1/2 weeks to More Customers, More Revenue and More Growth: A comprehensive, interactive curriculum for those looking to kick of their shoes and truly master the competencies required to drive radical growth in their business.

E-Learning #3

  • Join our Influential Innovators community: An online collective where like-minded mavericks, rebels and normal folks come together to Think Differently, Share Ideas Openly, and Take More Risks.

“Toni is amazingly accurate and razor sharp at helping her clients clarify direction and consistency. Patient and impatient at all the right places, she pushes us to a point and then backs off just in time for the penny to drop…”

Elizabeth George, author of The Compatibility Code.

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Ready to Minimize Risk and Maximize Return on your Innovation Investment?

Although the traditional approach to consulting kind of makes the hair on the back of our necks stand up, we are proud to say that we still make House Calls. From our cutting-edge Living Innovation Labs to our one-of-a kind in-house innovation team mentorship programs, each of our In-House Innovation Advantage initiatives is a highly customized deep dive into your business, your objectives and your results.

Consulting #1

  • Grow your bottom line with our highly-customized Living Innovation Labs: Intensive, hands-on, team-driven experiences dedicated to the design of innovative, customer-centric business strategies that will not only differentiate you from your competition but that will also result in more customers doing more business with you more often.

Consulting #2

  • Hire Toni to be At Your Service: A smart and effective way to provide your in-house innovation team with some outside innovation expertise so that you can get on with turning more ideas into results more often.

Consulting #3

  • Book a high-powered House Call: Strategy sessions that are fanatically focused on what matters to you most.

“Toni has an extremely sharp mind and draws on extensive research to shape her well thought-out approach to innovation. Over the years, Toni has continued to surprise us and to exceed our high expectations.”

Vice-President and Director of Operations, Abbott Pharmaceuticals

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