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3 Ways to be a Contrarian that will drive growth in your business

3 Ways to be a Contrarian that will drive growth in your business

I admit it.

I’m a chest-pounding, card-carrying Contrarian.

And nothing gets my non-conformist heart beating faster than the scent of an innovative idea that thumbs its nose at the saintly status quo.

For example…

An alarm that tells you when to wake up instead of when to go to sleep?

A coffee shop where you pay for time instead of beverages?

A sign to raise funds for the homeless that reads “I’m not cold and I’m not hungry”?

Three examples of surprisingly innovative and yet seemingly backwards business strategies that have driven radical results for the brands in question.


Are you ready for your brand to stand out in the crowd?

Check out this Innovation Advantage video and learn 3 Ways to be Contrarian that will drive growth in your business

(As always, we would love to hear from you so after you watch the video, please flip on down to the comments section below and share your thoughts.)


So, what do you think?

How could you go against the flow and challenge the status quo in your business or industry?

Share your thoughts below because remember, the more we share, the more we know and the more we know, the more we all grow.


Until next time, remember to Flip the Script and

Imagine the Possibilities!

Toni Newman

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