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I have planned many meetings, have worked with many speakers and I would have to say that you really are the most prepared speaker I have ever worked with. We are now able to focus our resources and “innovate” our way to greater success.

Michael Bobbitt Regional Director of Operations
Westmont Hospitality Group

You bring a real passion and excitement to your presentations and workshops, as both are filled with meaningful content. Rest assured that your message is living on and that is the real value of what you bring to any organization.

Paul Green, Director of Sales, Shnier, Gesco Limited Partner

With Toni Newman engaging and leading us in the journey over the past two years, we have become the model of Innovation in our organization. Toni conducts exhaustive preparation for each event, interviewing employees and working with management to ensure that we are asking the right questions and have a very clear goal in mind.

Dianne Arbuckle, PhD  Director, Operational Services, Abbott

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