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Mindset: Why? Why Not!
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Toni, I believe that the message and the content that you deliver is relevant and timely to business more today than ever! What you add to the message is an energy level that drives the point home and has the message live on well beyond the conference. You bring a real passion and excitement to your presentations and workshops, as both are filled with meaningful content. Rest assured that your message is living on and that is the real value of what you bring to any organization.

Paul Green, Director of Sales Shnier,
Gesco Limited Partner

Five-time award winning business owner Toni Newman, is a highly sought after Innovation Catalyst and professional speaker with an uncanny ability to help her clients turn information into innovation and ideas into results. With years of business experience in fields as diverse as law, advertising, tourism, entertainment and event management, Toni brings a uniquely powerful mix of strategy, creativity and real world insight to the table.

In today’s incredible challenging marketplace, where competitive advantage is determined by our ability to effectively differentiate ourselves from the competition, highly respected leaders from sectors as diverse as Finance, Retail, Telecommunications, Health Care, Insurance and many others count on Toni to provoke the kind of strategically innovative thinking that is essential to propel their organizations forward.

As a professional speaker fluent in both French and English, Toni travels all over North America working with leaders who are committed to change and ready for results. Her approach is quite simply a breath of fresh air. Entertaining and yet highly knowledgeable, authentic and truly engaging, Toni gets her message across to audiences with both style and substance.

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