At the time of hiring …


Ok… so we’ve agreed on objectives and Toni has reserved the date for your event. The next step is for us to send you our contract so that we can confirm the booking. To do that, however, we need you to provide us with some basic information. To make this as easy for you as possible, we will email you a short list of questions so that you can just fill in the blanks, hit reply all, and send it back to us. Within a few days of receiving your answers, we will send you both the contract and the deposit invoice. The signed contract and the deposit check should be sent back to us by mail as soon as possible as they are required to secure the date for your event. (Scanned signed contract can also be sent back to us by email.)

Within two weeks of hiring …

Marketing Materials

You’re sold on Toni but now you need to prepare the marketing materials that will sell Toni to your participants.  You can download Toni’s photos and Toni's bio right off this site.

Program descriptions, however, can vary a great deal depending upon the presentation that you have chosen for your group, the focus of your event and what type of audience will be attending (leader vs employee; private vs public sector etc…)  To ensure that you have the right material for your group, we will send you a your program description Word file by email once the booking has been confirmed and we have had the opportunity to put something together that will get you the best results.

Where possible, we would really like to see the copy for any marketing materials before it gets published. An extra set of eyes never hurts!

Technical Requirements

At the same time as we send you your program description, we will send you a copy of the technical requirements for Toni’s presentation so that you can plan accordingly. Click here to download a PDF of Toni's Technical Requirements.


Toni does not use a lectern or podium of any kind. If one will already be on stage, it would be greatly appreciated if it could be moved off to the side prior to the beginning of Toni's presentation so that she can take advantage of the full range of the stage.

Depending upon the presentation, Toni may require a small table on stage for accessories.

Please provide the following information to Toni at least one week prior to the date of the presentation

  • Room set up (rounds, theater style, school etc… Rounds are preferable where possible).
  • Whether there will be front or rear projection.
  • The number of screens and their placement. (An event floor plan, where possible, is greatly appreciated.)
  • The size and placement of the stage.


Toni uses a wireless lapel mic as she moves around a great deal during her presentations. No handhelds or headsets please.

Toni uses music at one point in her presentation. She required a cable to connect the sound from her laptop to the general sound system. This is nothing expensive and any AV company should be able to supply it.

Power Point

Toni will arrive with her Power Point presentation already installed on her MacBook Pro. (Don’t worry. She also travels with the adaptor that makes it compatible with any system.) She uses her own remote to change her slides. The laptop can be on stage or at the back of the room or anywhere in between. Whatever works best for you. Screen(s) and projector(s) need to be provided by the client.


Toni’s presentations are highly interactive and she prefers to have as much house light on the audience as possible. As long as the audience can see the screens, more light is better.

If there is going to be any extra lighting available on stage, please let us know. We can always make use of what’s there for some added impact during the presentation.

The Bright Red Ladder…

Yes… the Bright Red Ladder. Toni uses a 5’ step-ladder during her presentation. She used to travel with it wherever she went but the ladder ended up going to more cities than she did. So now we ask our clients to source it in advance (it goes for under $100) and have it delivered to the event site. At the end of the show, it’s yours to do with as you wish.

Hotel and Travel

Hotel reservations, preferable at the same venue as the speaking engagement, are to be made by the client and billed to the client directly. A non-smoking, king or queen room away from the noise of elevators is greatly appreciated. Please send us the confirmation number when you have it.

We will take care of booking Toni’s travel (she flies economy out of Montreal, Canada) and will send you the details as soon as we have them.

A month before the event…

Pre-Event Briefing Call

In each one of her presentations, Toni’s message is carefully crafted to ensure that it is highly pertinent to the audience members in question. To that end, about a month before the event you will be contacted so that we can set up a pre-event briefing call for you with Toni. During that call, Toni will want to find out as much as she can not only about your objectives but also about the objectives of your attendees.


We will be happy to email you Toni’s introduction right after the briefing call. But feel free to click here and download it at your convenience.


In an effort to keep things green, Toni prefers to send participants to downloadable resources online as opposed to giving out handouts. She does have a one page document that participants fill out during the presentation. We will email you a PDF copy of this document in advance so that you can make the required number of copies.

Final invoice

With the exception of contracts booked through a speakers’ bureau, we will send you the final invoice for the balance of the fee, per diems and where possible, all other expenses, a month prior to the engagement. As per our agreement, this amount is due in full on site at the end of Toni’s presentation.

The big day… Or most likely, the night before…

Ground transportation

You have enough on your plate without worrying about picking keynote speakers up at the airport. Toni is quite happy to jump in a taxi and find her way to the hotel.

Arrival at the hotel

Please let us know where you will be so that Toni can call you and let you know that she has arrived. One more thing to check off your list!

Tech check

Toni will want to do a Tech Check well before the presentation to ensure that everything is in working order. The timing for the tech check will be discussed at the pre event briefing and she will make herself available at your convenience.

Audio Video taping

We’re afraid that we do not allow audio or video recording of Toni’s presentations, in part or whole, by our clients for private or other distribution without specific written consent. Additional fees may apply.

Staying in touch…

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us.  Toni would be happy to speak with you directly but keep in mind that she spends a great deal of her time in session or on the road.  Your best bet is usually to contact Gerry Benard, our Director of Wow, who will be sure to turn around what ever you need in a timely fashion. You can reach Gerry by email at or by phone at (514) 697-9855.

Your work is done… now it’s Toni’s turn… sit back and relax…
and Imagine the Possibilities!

Toni Newman C.S.I.

Toni Newman, C.S.I.
Catalyst for Strategic Innovation — Innovation that Works!