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Attract, Keep and Engage more Customers more Often so that you can Grow Your Business

Customer Touchpoint Innovation is quite simply the most powerful, and yet probably the most frequently overlooked, customer engagement strategy available in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

CTI Programs

No one, simply no one, has Toni’s uniquely integrated approach to customer experience innovation and both she and her clients have the results to prove it. Her powerful and passionate message, supported by practical tools and techniques, applies to organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. If you have a customer, internal or external, whose engagement is critical to the success of your business, you need Customer Touchpoint Innovation. And Toni’s engaging, inspiring, content rich Customer Touchpoint Innovation programs are the only place to get it.

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CTI for Meeting Planners

Ask any meeting planner who has had the opportunity to work with Toni and they will tell you about her amazing capacity to adapt her innovation expertise to the framework of just about any meeting or event.

I have planned many meetings, have worked with many speakers and I would have to say that you really are the most prepared speaker I have ever worked with. We are now able to focus our resources and “innovate” our way to greater success.

Westmont Hospitality Group

Michael Bobbitt,
Regional Director of Operations,
Westmont Hospitality Group

Having said that, it is important for you to know that Toni is not a speaker with topics. Toni is an expert who speaks. That means a few things for you the meeting planner.

  1. 1.) Toni’s speaking focuses on how organizations can drive radical growth through Customer Touchpoint Innovation – innovation that is strategically designed to attract, keep and engage more customers. After 20 years of being in business herself, this is what Toni knows and this is what she speaks.
  2. 2.) The audiences that will get the most out of Toni’s Customer Touchpoint Innovation presentations are business owners as well as senior and intermediate level business managers. Toni also speaks to employee groups and public sector organizations who are focused on innovation in customer experience. It’s the connection to some kind of customer that is key. (Toni does have a presentation for audiences looking for a more general innovation mindset.)
  3. 3.) Below you will find 4 program descriptions – one keynote and 3 follow up workshops – but please keep in mind that these programs are all pieces of one big puzzle. Toni’s highly entertaining interactive Customer Touchpoint Innovation keynote Why? Why Not! sets the CTI scene for your participants, leaving them with tips and techniques designed to help them attract, keep and engage more customers more often the minute they leave your event. Her three follow up workshops are strategically crafted to create deeper learning in one of the three essential CTI skill sets; (Fanatical Focus, Unexpected Encounters, Curious Cultures); or simply combine all of the elements into one longer content packed, results-focused session.

    But The best way for us to know which pieces are right for you and your audience is for us to chat and because Toni’s fee is a day rate, there are many ways for us to work together to provide the value that you are looking for.

Toni was nothing less than incredible. Participants were simply thrilled and several regions have voiced their interest in having Toni speak at events throughout Canada.

National Managers Community

Mary Heffernan,
National Managers Community,
Government of Canada

Why? Why Not! How to Attract, Keep and Engage More Customers More Often so that you can Grow your Business.

Toni's signature presentation, delivered to thousands of participants who to this day still use Why Not! as the rallying cry for change and innovation within their own organizations, is both fast paced and thought provoking. Designed as a highly memorable Customer Touchpoint Innovation101, not only does this program introduce participants to the power and potential of the C.T.I. mindset, it also leaves them with an easy to follow formula for creating strategically innovative customer experiences (or Unexpected Encounters) designed to drive radical growth in their own business. If you want your audience thinking dramatically differently about how to use innovation to attract, keep and engage more customers more often, this 60 – 90 minute main stage keynote presentation is exactly what you are looking for.

Toni, I believe that the message and the content that you deliver is relevant and timely to business more today than ever! What you add to the message is an energy level that drives the point home and has the message live on well beyond the conference.

Paul Green etc….

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Do you have a non-business or public sector audience?

Please note that, upon request, this keynote is also available for non CTI audiences. If your team needs to think differently about how they do what they do so that they can more of the results that they want, then ask us about our more general Why? Why Not! Turning inspiration into innovation and ideas into results presentation.

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Fanatical Focus

Building the Four Step Foundation for successful Customer Touchpoint Innovation

The Fanatical Focus program is designed to help you help your customers answer one simple question. Why you? What should they do – or continue to do – business with you? What unique value do you bring to the market place that is so compelling that customers who need what you have simply can’t imagine going anywhere else to get it? What is the driving force behind your brand’s ability to attract, keep and engage more customers more often? Tough questions but Toni’s highly effective Four to the Core process will help you find your perfect answers. Because rest assured, if you can’t help your customers understand Why You!, your competitors will help your customers understand Why Them!

This intensely thought provoking, interactive workshop requires a minimum of 90 minutes to deliver value to your participants. It can easily be turned into a 2-3 hour program as well. More time – more depth – greater results.

Toni and her Fanatical Focus process swept through our minds like a tornado. In mere minutes, she had us seeing ourselves and our businesses very differently. She challenged and cajoled till we found clarity in the chaos. She dared us to define where we want to be positioned. She gave us a powerful process to differentiate ourselves from the crowd.

Judi Walsh etc….

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Unexpected Encounters: The Strategy

Learn How to Create Innovative Touchpoint Experiences that attract, keep and engage more customers more often

Unexpected Encounters - Innovative Customer Touchpoint Experiences that are strategically designed to influence what your customers will think, feel and do next - are the strategic core of putting CTI to work helping you to grow your business. This part of the program is the how to of identifying, prioritizing and creating your own unique Unexpected Encounters that will attract, keep and engage more customers more often so that you can grow your business. Imagine the Possibilities!

Toni, Thank you for inspiring me! Thank you for making your session the most amazing one I have EVER seen. We have already created 4 Unexpected Encounter Touchpoints for our business and are working on many more. I don’t know how I can possibly thank you.

Auberge des Beaux Cantons

Sandrine Gressard Bélanger,
Auberge des Beaux Cantons

This highly creative, interactive workshop deserves a minimum of 90 minutes to deliver maximum value to your participants. We can squeeze it into 60 if we really have to but your participants will benefit greatly from the extra thinking time. It can easily be turned into a 1/2 or full day program as well. More time – more depth – greater results.

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Curious Cultures

How leaders can create the CTI cultures they need to get the results that they want

Once leaders understand the principles of CTI the next step is to help them understand how to integrate CTI as a core value and core competency within their own teams. This final step in the CTI program provides leaders with the tools to take their teams from “me” to “we” and shows them how to cultivate more CTI ideas from more people more often so that everyone is working together to attract, keep and engage more customers.

Toni has an extremely sharp mind and draws on extensive research, networking, and events to shape her knowledge and well thought-out approach to innovation. Toni has played a huge role within Abbott Canada, and has won the hearts and minds of many, as a trainer, an innovation catalyst, but most importantly, as an enchanting keynote speaker. She continues to surprise us and to exceed our high expectations.


Dianne Arbuckle,PhD
Director Operational Services,

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Not ready to make a decision quite yet?

CTI for Entrepreneurs

Would you like to drive radical growth in your business?

If you own or run a business then you know that to drive business growth you need to attract, keep and engage more customers. Our one-of-a-kind Customer Touchpoint Innovation platform is designed to help you do just that.

Every year, Toni offers several limited capacity, by application only CTI for Entrepreneurs: Attract, Keep and Engage more Customers more Often so that you can Grow your Business weekends.


You’d be crazy not to spend some time with Toni! It paid for itself in the first week. In the first six months, Toni’s Five ‘S’ Solution has driven our revenue to exceed projections by 27.9%, our pipeline had 39% more money in it and the projects in the pipeline are closing at a higher rate – all thanks to Toni!

Attract, Keep and Engage Business Transformation Retreat - October 18 - 21, 2012 - Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Click here to send us an email to request more information.

In the course of this content rich, results focused weekend you will Discover, Understand and Implement the Three Steps to Customer Touchpoint Innovation: Innovation that attracts, keeps and engages more customers more often so that you can grow your business.

Step one: Mindset: Why? Why Not!. Get up to the Top of the Ladder and re-examine your customer centricity mindset. Are you really as customer focused as you think you are?

I had the opportunity to spend the day with Toni Newman on Wednesday. What a great day that turned out to be! If you haven't heard of Toni, keep your ears open for an opportunity to attend one of her workshops. You will be inspired and you will see your business in a whole new way.

Mary Jane Copps,
The Phone Lady

Step two: Promise: Fanatical Focus Explore and Develop a powerful Brand Promise that helps your customers answer the elusive but essential "Why You?" questions. 1) Attract: Why should they do business with you now? 2) Keep: Why should they continue to do business with you? and 3) Engage: Why should they tell everyone they know that they should do business with you too?

Step three: Strategy: Unexpected Encounters Discover the 50Plus Customer Touchpoints that exist in any business and then identify, evaluate and prioritize your own TopTenTouchpoints. Discover the 5 S's of Unexpected Encounters - Innovative Customer Touchpoint experiences strategically crafted to influence what your customers will think, feel and do next - and then apply those 5 S's to create Unexpected Encounters for your own business that you can implement the very next day.

Toni is so good at so many levels. She is amazingly accurate and razor sharp at helping her clients clarify direction and consistency. Patient and impatient at all the right places, she pushes us to a point and then backs off just in time for the penny to drop. And like a well trained athlete, I leave her sessions knowing that I'm ready for the next challenge.

Elizabeth George,
speaker and Best Selling Author of
The Compatability Code

RESULT: A proven formula for integrating Customer Touchpoint Innovation into your business so that you can attract, keep and engage more customers more often.

I have worked with Toni Newman and I know how powerful this stuff is. If you want to play it safe, Toni's not for you. But if you have the courage to challenge yourself, your beliefs and your perspectives so you can truly have the Innovation Advantage, then call Toni now. We did and we're forever grateful.


Ravi Tangri,

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