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T!Time - Toni Newman

T!Time - Toni's Customer Experience Blog

Finally. A place for all of those random reviews, reflections and occasional rants that may or may not have to do with strategic innovation but that come from the heart and are, at the very least, the stuff that compelling conversations are made of. Sign up for Toni’s T!Time blog and let us know what you think about what’s happening in the marketplace and what it means for all of us down the road.

Thinking Differently. Sharing Ideas Openly. Taking more Risks. That is what T!Time is all about.

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T!Talk - Toni Newman

T!Talk - Short Videos of Toni

Don’t have much time? Would rather hear and watch than see and read? T! Talk is a series of short – I mean under two minutes short – video messages that get to the heart of a concept, idea or tool that promotes strategic innovation. Check back here often to catch new T! Talk videos or sign up for the T! Time blog and have new T! Talk videos come straight to you.


CTI pour Entrepreneurs : Attirer, Conserver et Fidéliser plus de clients, plus souvent afin de faire croître vos affaires

Le CTI pour Entrepreneurs est remis jusqu' à Printemps de 2011

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